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good kid, they have lived together for 2 years with one child & another due in March. I took this as a sign of respect. he is taking her to the revolving restaurant at the Calgary Tower and the to the Banff springs Hotel to propose, class act.

Is this a sign that traditional values still exist?

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Submitted by : ABC
Submitted on : Feb 09,2010 8:48:54 pm
ballot title:

So my daughters boyfriend asked for my daughters hand in marriage...

ballot number:136214
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Voted : Yes
Very much so. I've seen too much of it to think differently.

Unfortunately, the bad often overshadows the good.

By the way, congratulations on the upcoming son-inlaw.

Voted : Yes
Old fashion values rather then elope. Good kid.
Voted : Yes
congrats, now you are officially (or already) an old man.
by LCD [+]

Voted : Yes
That is very sweet of him! I hope my Daughter finds a guy like that.
Voted : Yes
That's great... I wish them the best...
Voted : Yes
How sweet and thoughtful. AND MEMORABLE.
How much repect did he show you while banging her for 2 years and knocking her up twice? DUH!

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