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[+] serious ballot by SiouXLea

Would anyone else like to discuss their favorite writers?
(I did try to create the "topic", but it did not go.)

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Submitted by : SiouXLea
Submitted on : Feb 11,2010 2:43:11 pm
ballot title:

In the "Discussion" area, could we have a "Favorite Writer" section?

ballot number:136241
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sorry you pretty much killed it with your last little stunt. I got a tip for you, don't use it. You don't deserve it.
by LCD [+]

^Interesting comment.
^you know what would be interesting Black_lava? Me kicking you off. and erasing all your retarded comments.

try me.
by LCD [+]

LCD, what's the problem here? Shouldn't you be sending those kind of comments to her in a PM? You suspended someone recently for calling you out in a ballot. Why turn around and do it to someone else? Sheesh! She just made a suggestion.
you know what? I just don't like her. I am sorry. but first of all this is her 3rd alias (that I remember). My rule says when one is expelled they don't come back with another name and try to continue their harassment.

her second alias goated a valued contributor and superuser to a point where he swore off this website. so No, I do not have sympathies for her, but I did let her stay on the site, because I didn't want to be accused of picking on the "republicans".

make no mistake, I don't like her not because what her beliefs are but her ways of goating me and other users. She stopped goating me, so let her stay. but make no mistake, she picks on anybody else I will have no problem kicking her to the curb.

and for this being restricted to the PM? yes it should have been. Instead she decided to make a ballot about it. so if she wants it public, I will make it public.
by LCD [+]

Alrighty then.
I apologize for making a ballot asking about having a "Favorite Writers" section in the "Discussion" area. Assuming (my bad, I suppose) that some users might want an ongoing discussion about "Favorite Writers", it happened.
It seemed quite innocuous to me.

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