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[+] joke ballot by quirk99

Oh yeah, there already is....

A realist :-)

But is there tho? I mean You could make one up. Antiabrahamist perhaps? not too snappy...
the AAA anti abraham army? misses the point a little
Abraphobes? hmm quite like that one.

There are those who will deliberately come up with derogatory words. Of this I have no doubt. But let Me remind those who do. It's not very christian is it. The bible gives you a clear set of rules about behavior. I don't have to follow them because they are utter shite. But you do or you have no moral high ground anymore. you're one of us. you disagree with god :-)

The say no to Abe crew
Just because I don't call you a twat doesn't mean you're not
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Submitted by : quirk99
Submitted on : Feb 25,2010 4:52:59 pm
ballot title:

Is there a word for someone who specifically rejects all Abrahamic faith on principle of it being utter bullshit?

ballot number:136408
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Voted : Abraphobes
You Heathen, you!

Enjoy the air for a change
Voted : Realists
A realist...? Yeah, you pretty much hit the nail on the head.

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