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It all started in 1971, at California's San Rafael High School. The local stoners would meet at 4:20 every afternoon by the Louis Pateur Statue to get stoned. now 4/20 is an annual counterculture holiday. Can you think of a song for it?

Norwegian Weed (This Bird is Stoned)
Bong Sung Blue.
I Get High with a little Hemp from My Friends.
Bake On Me.
Sittin' on the Dock with a J.
I Blunt You to Blunt Me.
Smells Like Teen Spliff Hit.
Just a Bong before I Go.
Don't Fear the Reefer.
I Started a Toke.
My Glaucoma.
Don't it Make My Red Eyes Blue.
The Wind Cries Mary Jane.
Pot For Teacher.
Papa's Got a Brand New Dime Bag.
Pot, Pot, Pot
Big Bad Bong
Jailhouse Crack
I'm Stoned and in Love with You
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Submitted by : maxxman
Submitted on : Apr 20,2010 12:04:20 am
ballot title:

420 Cannabis Subculture Songs about Drugs

ballot number:136965
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Voted : Don't Fear the Reefer.
Ceasar didn't fear the reefer either

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