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[+] serious ballot by SiouXLea

Ever wonder where junked copiers go? Is there sensitive information (social security numbers, 1040s, etc) on their harddrives?
Do you ever copy sensitive information on the office copier?

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Submitted by : SiouXLea
Submitted on : May 12,2010 10:03:18 am
ballot title:

Do you ever copy sensitive information on the office copier?

ballot number:137267
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Where my father used to work his friends would copy their bare assess and other parts.
Voted : No
Those hard drives go to either China or Nigeria. Where either the Chinese government or nigerian organized crime syndicates harvest them for information; hence all those infamous fraudulent e-mails from Nigeria asking for access to your bank account. What the chinese do with it, I don't know, but I'd be concerned, very concerned.
^How do these countries get hold of these hard drives?
^E-waste programs. You're not supposed to just throw a laptop or a cell phone in a dumpster. There's a proper receptacle located at most municipal waste facilities to dispose of them. The governments or private entities who are in charge of the waste facilities then sell most e-waste to developing countries, mostly China and Nigeria, where the waste is processed usually for precious metals. But hard drives, usually the one component of most disposed of appliances that is still in tact, full of confidential information are usually worth a hell of a lot more then the gold, silver and copper found in most disposed of computers.
Voted : No
i use my own
by ABC [+]

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