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[+] joke ballot by Bostonian

We haven't seen our son Travis in quite a while, but a friend of ours says he spotted him in New York City driving a taxi. He also says Travis had a mohawk hairstyle. Travis recently sent us the following letter:

Dear Father and Mother,
June is the month, I remember, which brings not only your wedding anniversary, but also Father's Day and Mother's birthday. I'm sorry I can't remember the exact dates, but I hope this card will take care of all of them. I'm sorry I again can not send you my address like I promised to last year, but the sensitive nature of my work for the Army demands utmost secrecy. I know you will understand. I am healthy and well and making
lots of money. I have been going with a girl for several months and I know you would be proud if you could see her. Her name is Betsy, but I can tell you no more than that.

It's nothing. Forget about it.
He's got some bad ideas in his head.
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Submitted by : Bostonian
Submitted on : May 27,2010 10:31:25 pm
ballot title:

Should we be worried?

ballot number:137443
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Worry about what exactly? That he's okay? That he may be lying his arse off?

He wrote a letter, so at least you know he's alive and well. He has good grammar. He has a job, be it as a taxicab driver or an Army man. All things considered, it sounds like he's better off than a hell of a lot of people.

Sucks that you can't see him though. Sucks even more if he invented some Army charade to dodge you. Sounds like a weird situation. Good luck.

Voted : It's nothing. Forget about it.
Don't worry, he'll do the right thing... sort of.
His last name isn't Bickle, is it?
^god I knew it.

it sounded so familiar, yet I couldn't place it...
by LCD [+]

It reminds me of Midnight Cowboy.
GAH lol. Looks like I fail. You should really bold that "JOKE" thing LCD hahaha

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