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[+] joke ballot by scotchierules

Who do i pimp my wares out to or shake my money maker with, get that extra boost that raises my user status?

You have been demoted to loser user status
It's like your job, we keep you on the bottom of the rung
all of them
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Submitted by : scotchierules
Submitted on : Jun 21,2010 5:15:24 pm
ballot title:

Who do I need to sleep with to get a higher user rating on this site?

ballot number:137674
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LMAO! Dude, you are funny. I don't know but when you find out let me know. I work my money maker out 5x a week so its time it paid off.
just make good ballots and get rated.

hint: those who attempt to cheat gets their karma knocked down.
by LCD [+]

oh yeah, you need to sleep with LCD, and he will give you ultrauser status.

click here to apply.... ROFL
by LCD [+]

Voted : all of them
Even the dudes. Well, how bad do you want it?

So you think I was cheating Elsie dee? You didn't knock the Karma out of the other users appling the alleged "cheat". It's you're program that allows it, but when I take advantage of it, you take 1.2K karma solely from me? And I'm not talking about using alias' to do it either.

"oh yeah, you need to sleep with LCD, and he will give you ultrauser status.

click here to apply.... ROFL"

I would but you'd have to get a sex change. ☺

Nuckinfutz, wat's up dude? Long time no see. I don't want to be an ultrauser that bad. lol

I wasn't talking to you, pissonson.

blah blah blah. you lost me after you said elsie dee.

by LCD [+]

Voted : all of them
in alphabetical order~Does that makes ABC first?
Makin fun of my name? I just said LCD in a different spelling, Jeez
^^^You're a child trapped in a grown up body.
oh I am sorry, there is a history of total assholes on this site calling me elsie dee. I thought you knew.

by LCD [+]

Apparently, you bring the best out in people!

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