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In the 1980's, there used to be a kids show with puppets that were LIKE Muppets. It was not Sesame Street. The show was about puppets that all worked at a radio station. One puppet wrote dictionaries. The show was from the early 1980ís. It was not puppets with a hand in them or puppets on strings. They were like Muppets but not Muppets.

I think I know it--it was called.....
Thanks, all...
Great Space Coaster
Buster and Me
Today's Special
Crank Yankers
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Submitted by : forgetmenot
Submitted on : Jun 22,2010 4:23:05 am
ballot title:

This is a question for older TV viewers.

ballot number:137682
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Don Lichty puppet hour.
Voted : I think I know it--it was called.....
Fraggle rock?
H.R. Pufnstuf?
by LCD [+]

I've just told you what it was called.
Voted : Comment
Don Lichty puppet hour? I can't even find a website.. Is the last name spelled correctly?
Voted : Thanks, all...
I cannot find the Don Lichty puppet hour on the Internet NOW, but I found it several months ago, and it was not the show I am thinking of. I appreciate the help all of you have given me, but it wasn't Fraggle Rock or H.R. Pufnstuff. One puppet named Wanda lived in a mobile home. Thanks, all.
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Great Space Coaster
Buster and Me
Today's Special

Thank you, Uncle Randy. All of the shows you mention were fantasy-type shows. The one I am thinking of only had people-looking puppets and there were no special effects or magic. There also were no humans on the show. All the puppets worked at a radio station. But I truly appreciate the trouble you have gone to, to help me find my missing show.
Crank Yankers?
The Hallo Spencer Show?
I love you, Mr__Spleen. I looked up the Hallo Spencer show and it is the one.

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