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[+] serious ballot by UncleRandy

I was asked a question and I did not know the answer.

Maybe someone out there can...

Lets say you bought a car back in 2005.

The dealership pulled a fast one and somehow when you got your payment book from Chrysler Financial, the vehicle in went from costing $21,000 to $57,000.

Well there must be some mistake, right?

He called the dealership... Nothing!
He called the Better Business Bureau... They say deal with the dealership.
He called the Attorney General... They talk to the dealership, they say go 'Ef' yourself. Sorry no help.
You call Chrysler Financial... They just want the money.

All that he ever paid on this car was his down payment and that's it. He has never paid one cent more in over 5 years. No one has ever came to take it away. So now after five years....

What would you do?

I told him to keep on driving it 'till they come take it away.

I don't know the law on this one... Maybe someone out there does.

Keep driving it 'till the Repo man comes.
Possession is nine-tenths of the law. It's his car free and clear.
The title will never be cleared until you get that paper from the lien holder saying it is.
I know what to do...
I know what will happen...
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Submitted by : UncleRandy
Submitted on : Jul 11,2010 10:59:11 pm
ballot title:

Repossession... I have a question?

ballot number:137884
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Voted : Keep driving it 'till the Repo man comes.
LOL,I guess his credit is already ruined.

yeah, just driving, since he already let them know, and they didn't do anything about it.
by LCD [+]

If it were me, I'd talk to the dealership and see what's owed. Or talk to a lawyer first.

A lot of what can happen depends on the state he lives in. Some dealerships file theft charges for non-payment when the car can't be repossessed, so be careful.

Well if a repossession order is issued, your friend should receive notice of it beforehand. Worst case scenario a reposition order is issued, your friend could contest it in civil court. If I were to go about that I would hire a lawyer to draw up the paperwork so as to schedule an emergency hearing into the matter. Albeit, even if I was successful in pursuing it in court and proving that the $57,000 figure was an error on Chrysler's part, I would still probably have to pay the full original $21,000 figure, possibly with interest, that is if the down payment was less then $21,000.
Voted : The title will never be cleared until you get that paper from the lien holder saying it is.
Talk with a lawyer
yeah but why would you even want a title to a 5 year old car?
by LCD [+]

The dealership is no longer there...

My friend said that he was not the only one they did that to...

The place was burned down to the ground along with dozens of new and used cars.

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