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The results would be loud and extremely obnoxious. What might you see?

Mel would give Lindsay his Bravefart imitation.
Lindsay would somehow fall on the only cactus in the entire restaurant.
They'd charge off together and disrupt an A A meeting.
Lindsay would slip chicken skin under her alcohol monitoring bracelet so it would not record her int
Mel would call Russel Crowe to join the debauchery.
The bartender would hit them both.
It would be the greatest Youtube video ever.
Paris Hilton would show up, and the mangy beaver contest would begin.
Mel would ask Lindsay if she would like to see his lethal weopon.
Mel would ask Lindsay if Herbie the Love Bug was in her panties.
10 months later some of the most unique children of the stars.
The end of the world
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Submitted by : maxxman
Submitted on : Jul 17,2010 7:29:37 am
ballot title:

If Mel Gibson & Lindsay Lohan were drinking together, what would happen?

ballot number:137939
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Lol great ballot!

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