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[+] serious ballot by DfwDude

Is it wrong for Dr. Laura to use the word Nigger in a conversation? She is labeled as a racist,yet rappers etc. and many other blacks throw the word around and having no problem with it.Yet they use words like honkey and cracker and whitey. In my book that makes them just as racist.
I think the use of the word is rude,crude and vile and they only harm themselves using it.

Yes,she is a racist.
No she is not a racist
She should have clarified why she was using the word.
Even clarifying why she used the word would not have made it acceptable
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Submitted by : DfwDude
Submitted on : Aug 21,2010 10:41:08 pm
ballot title:

Using the 'N' word.right or wrong?

ballot number:138157
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Voted : No she is not a racist
She didn't use it in a racist context. But that won't stop politically correct fascist liberals from screaming bloody murder.
Voted : Even clarifying why she used the word would not have made it acceptable
I don't like any words that negatively define a person, like prick, dick, cunt, bitch. Ugh!

I used to listen Dr. Laura until I heard her say that redheads, because they are fewer in number than people with other hair colors, are genetically inferior.

I found it uncalled for and just plain mean.

So I'm not surprised someone with her lack of control (for lack of a better description) should use the n word. I think rappers use the n word to make it their own brand and to legitimize it because they know it wont go away.

Anyone that thinks throwing around racial slurs is fine (no matter what their race is) should take a trip to Auschwitz. Let's move past this people!
It is racist but if a black person calls me a honky or a cracker I got no problem calling him a Nigger. Either that or I'd have to pull out my knife and cut him. lol
Very scary Passiveone.

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