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[+] serious ballot by DfwDude

I am so tired of people tossing the race card every which way at the drop of the hat.
Come on people,how long is it going to take for every one to get past the color of some one's skin? Yes our history of getting along sucks...
It's just skin.

We are ALL racist towards others
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Submitted by : DfwDude
Submitted on : Aug 21,2010 11:40:02 pm
ballot title:

Are you tired of the race card?

ballot number:138159
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Voted : Yes
Just think,if we could get past the skin color problem and come together as one people with one common fact...We all have the same color blood.
Get paswt it and we could make this world such a great place to live on.

Voted : Undecided
It can be annoying like crying wolf, but at the same time, it is often relevant.
Voted : Yes
The last time I had it used on me I responded by pretending to cut up a small piece of paper and responded by saying "it seems its your race card had been declined."
That's a good

Voted : Yes
Racism isn't just a black white issue, many asians are racist towards whites and many whites are racist towards other whites. (I.E. irish, German, Russian, etc...)
^I never noticed that. For whatever reason, the asians I've dealt with seemed like good people, overall.

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