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[+] joke ballot by KUNTHA

I haven't been to this site in a while but im an old school user. For those of you who knew user Grapost I see that he has been kicked. I want to know what finally made that possible.

LCD had enough
Grapost cheated on his Ballots.
Karma got him!
he is working in Italy stomping on grapes in a vat.
I miss Grapost

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Submitted by : KUNTHA
Submitted on : Dec 30,2010 4:52:48 pm
ballot title:

What ever happened to user GRAPOST?

ballot number:139009
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Voted : LCD had enough
I miss Grapost and wish he was still here.
Voted : LCD had enough
he started posting something about me being chinese something, I forget. whatever it was, he thought it was really derogatory. I told him to stop about 5x, after that I expelled him.

too bad, i used to enjoy his insanity.
by LCD [+]

Voted : LCD had enough
yeah, he wouldn't let anything go, just like he's convinced im a black guy from a ghetto.

People like that are not capable of change it seems and they are not ready for it. Things and people always change with time.

At-last a breath of fresh air here :)

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