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[+] serious ballot by larrynelmira

Is it hypocritical to have a church wedding with all the religious rituals that go with that , if you don't believe?


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Submitted by : larrynelmira
Submitted on : Mar 17,2011 10:08:06 am
ballot title:

Ding dong! the bells are gonna chime

ballot number:139219
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Voted : No
Who would they be trying to fool? If is satisfied some need in a non believer, then it's not hypocritical. If non believers wanted a full church wedding with a liturgy and all that, they probably don't know it but they may be believers on some level they are not aware of.

I've never heard of an atheist desiring a full church wedding with liturgy and communion.

My bride to be is a believer and wants full church wedding and I want her to be happy.
Voted : Yes
Answering the question asked.
Voted : No
Sometimes people want it that way out of respect.
Voted : No
i have been to many Catholic weddings and a couple of Muslim ones, they all had beer, count me in.

The people getting married invited me so it doesn't matter what i believe
by ABC [+]

Voted : No
^larry, your desire to make your bride happy is genuine and so a church wedding would not be hypocritical.
Voted : Yes
Unequivocably, yes. Have it on Mallory Beach and invite the Cat Man to preside.

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