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[+] joke ballot by ladyshanalyn

Hey. It's been a long time. Who's knocked up, married, divorced, dead, or in jail?

I had it all happen in one night, funny story.

Hey Lady!
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Submitted by : ladyshanalyn
Submitted on : May 05,2011 9:22:55 pm
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Hey, me to!... Is..... That you.... Shana???
hey yo. :)
Voted : Hey Lady!
Hi! How's it going? Great to hear from you again.

Sounds like an interesting story.

Voted : Hey Lady!
Voted : Hey Lady!
hey, glad to see you, how you been?
I was actually thinking about you the other day, wondering where you were and what you been up to.

Voted : Hey Lady!
How goes it?..welcome back!
Voted : Hey Lady!
im pregnant & in jail, how ar u?
by ABC [+]

Shana! I'm... still me. You?
I'm still me too! Lol - everythings going well, missed you guys and gals, had to come back. :)

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