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I had a cat who was very old. He was extremely weak, he could barely more then a few feet and he could no longer eat. He was dying. He suffered terribly for several weeks and all I could do to console him was to hold him and speak softly trying to reassure him.

One night, around 2 AM, he let out a desperate cry. I went to find him laying under the cabinet. He was so cold to the touch and barely breathing. I picked him up and brought him to my room and just held him. He survived the night and for several more days after, but I couldn't bare to watch him suffer any longer. I had him put down. It was merciful to end his suffering.

For animals this is an perfectly accepted practice, even morally encourage, considered cruel and callous if you don't.

So what about people? Should the rules be applied differently? It's compassionate and sympathetic to not allow an animal to suffer, but cruel and immoral when it's a human being. I recently watch my Mother deteriorate from lung cancer. She suffered greatly and her last months were miserable. It was numbing to watch as she lay dying. I wish there could have been a better way.

In extreme cases, should mercy killings be legal?

No, it's homocide
Yes, spare my loved ones

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Submitted by : passiveson
Submitted on : May 19,2011 8:48:05 pm
ballot title:

In extreme cases should mercy killings be legal?

ballot number:139436
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Correction, above it should read 'He could barely walk ...'
Voted : Yes, spare my loved ones
I encouraged her to take the moraphine when she couldn't bare her suffering anymore. She never did. She hung on to the end.
Voted : No, it's homocide
Humans, all too humans.
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