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[+] serious ballot by eWhore

I think so. Part of the reason our dicks are bigger now is because there are so many kinds of porn available, and also shaving makes it look bigger. Do you agree?

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Submitted by : eWhore
Submitted on : Jun 04,2011 6:49:18 pm
ballot title:

Is the human penis getting larger?

ballot number:139511
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Mine regularly gets larger..
^ LMAO. The human penis only needs to be about 3" in order to procreate successfully.

Mine is, I have a baby sized penis....'s 19 1/2" long, weighing 9 lbs.

This ballot is getting mine aroused.
OR~maybe VJ's are shrinking??could be a perception thing...
Voted : Yes
size matters

Get rid of ye ole muff, it will grow by 2" by golly!

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