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[+] serious ballot by forgetmenot

This is an "I answer it for you quiz". It is true! A vulture was the unfortunate bird that broke the high-flight record for all birds, by getting sucked into a jet engine 37, 900 feet over western Africa. Jetliners typically fly at 30,000 to 40,000 feet.

I didn't know birds could fly that high.
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Submitted by : forgetmenot
Submitted on : Jul 17,2011 2:32:37 am
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True or false: A vulture flew so high, it got sucked into the engine of a jetliner at 37,900 feet

ballot number:139693
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I guess anything is possible
This bird is called a Ruppert's Vulture". It normally flies as high as a commercial jet. So do some geese. They have a protein in them that makes them resistant to low oxygen at high altitudes.

Jets that fly where these birds are try to watch out for them.

When I flew from LA to England, I saw a huge bird zip past the window over the ocean. I thought I was seeing things...but the pilot said he saw it too.

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it was probably a terrorist bird trying to crash the plane
by ABC [+]

Yes, maybe it was an Islamic bird from Turkey. Al-Gobbel.

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