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[+] serious ballot by forgetmenot

I saw a car hit a parked car and the hitter drove away. But I saw it coming and memorized the license and color of of the hitter car. I wrote all the details down on a memo sheet and stuck it behind the windshield wiper of the hittee car.

To this day, I wonder what happened as a result of my note.

Good to do that
Bad to do that
You tampered with the fabric of life

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Submitted by : forgetmenot
Submitted on : Jul 19,2011 2:09:49 am
ballot title:

What do you think of this thing I did four years ago?

ballot number:139698
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Voted : Good to do that
i would be happy if that happened to me
by ABC [+]

Voted : Good to do that
You did the right thing.
thanks a lot, if it wasn't for you I would have gotten away with it.
by LCD [+]

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