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[+] serious ballot by vitasveritas

If you had to boil it all down to one thing from the classic list which our society and individuals would benefit from most, which would it be?

Chastity -- castitas
Temperance -- temperantia
charity -- caritas
diligence -- industria
patience -- patientia
kindness -- humanitas
humility -- humilitas

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Submitted by : vitasveritas
Submitted on : Aug 21,2011 2:00:14 am
ballot title:

Of the "seven cardinal virtues" which is most beneficial?

ballot number:139804
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Voted : Chastity -- castitas
I think ones needs to be in control of one's self before one can be a wise steward of the other virtues.
Voted : kindness -- humanitas
If you're kind, the other ones almost fall into place by default.
Voted : kindness -- humanitas
i think
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