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[+] serious ballot by vitasveritas

scenario: Joe and Sarah are sweethearts. Both were (cigarette) smokers when they met and married. Joe's COPD has worsened over the years and he had to give up smoking altogether a few years back. These two love each other very much; but, every time Sarah is going somewhere with Joe in his car, she smokes. He was recently hospitalized (again) for his COPD. What do we do with Sarah? Hey, she cracks a window, isn't that enough?

Marriage is sacred; everybody should just "butt out!"
A member of Joe's family should have a heart to heart w/ her...
Very delicate situation; deal with it THIS way...

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Submitted by : vitasveritas
Submitted on : Sep 01,2011 9:20:05 am
ballot title:

The saga of Sarah and Joe. She smokes in his car.

ballot number:139858
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Voted : A member of Joe's family should have a heart to heart w/ her...
And with Joe also. Yes, it is true she is contributing to his problem, but he is letting her.

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