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[+] serious ballot by Mr_Spleen

Which of the following candidates would you like to see the GOP nominate for the 2012 US Presidential election?

Newt Gingrich
Mitt Romney
Ron Paul
Rick Santorum
Buddy Roemer
Other (write in comment)

Ballot #139963 :
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Submitted by : Mr_Spleen
Submitted on : Jan 29,2012 11:35:38 pm
ballot title:

BestandWorst Republican Primary

ballot number:139963
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Voted : Mitt Romney
best bet against obama today
Voted : Rick Santorum
rick would be my choice if i was still a repubican. but since the conservitive party thinks republicans might as well be democrats, if they don't walk and talk from the 'right' side of thier ass... i mean mouth.
Voted : Other (write in comment)
I name Jesse Ventura although I don't know if he is a Re-pubic-hair.
//yo, pissieson: does your mommie know you are playing on the computer again?

Voted : Newt Gingrich
Oh how I would love Newt to be nominated. He is a total Wack Job.

The GOP establishment is even scared of him being nominated and have lined up behind Romney because of this.

His Megalomania knows no limits. He would end up scaring the hell out of people with his delusional comments.

An Obama landslide would be guaranteed.

Luigi, you drinking tonight or is being mentally challenged gaining popularity in Europe again?

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