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A Washington state sheriff and his sergeant purchased burial plots to prevent Josh Powell's family from having him buried next to his two sons.

"The bottom line is, Josh Powell will not be near those two boys," Pierce County Sheriff's Sgt. Ed Troyer said in an interview with Seattle radio's Ron and Don Show.

Powell's remaining relatives wanted him buried near sons Charlie and Braden, who died when Powell blew up his home on Feb. 5th.

What say you?

He should be allowed, it's a family decision
He should not be allowed
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Submitted by : larrynelmira
Submitted on : Feb 16,2012 7:44:39 am
ballot title:

Banning Josh Powell from being buried next to his sons

ballot number:140022
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Voted : Other
I really don't care where they bury the idiot and I'm sure he it doesn't matter to him, since he's dead. If the relatives are really that committed to the cause they can always opt to move the childrens graves.
Voted : He should not be allowed
What's wrong with those people, thinking that man should be buried next to the children he murdered? He shouldn't even be allowed to be buried in the same cemetery.
Voted : Other
dead and gone. he can't apologize after death. If he can, he doesn't need to be buried near his sons. For his remaining relatives, I don't find their argument compelling.

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