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[+] serious ballot by TheAntidote

We all do dumb things and make mistakes. But one always stands out above all the others.

So what was the biggest mistake you ever made?

Lending Money To A Friend
Letting A Relative Move In
One Night Stand Pregnancy
Getting Married
Cheating On My Spouse
Dropping Out Of School/College
Getting Addicted To Illegal Drugs
Starting My Own Business
Investing In The Stock Market
Joing B&W and never leaving
Trusting anyone at face value
Voting for Obama
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Submitted by : TheAntidote
Submitted on : Feb 20,2012 11:06:34 am
ballot title:

The Biggest Mistake You Ever Made In Your Life?

ballot number:140038
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Voted : Dropping Out Of School/College
Dropped out of college when I was offered a job making decent money. Now I wish I had that degree.
I'm not really sure and feel fortunate to have no really big mistakes to name. I do wish, however, that I'd have started college in the program that most interested me instead of doing what I believed my family wanted me to do. It all worked out how it should have, but a change part-way through school did add over a year to my stay there.
Voted : Getting Married
To my first (ex-wife)... and my second (ex-wife)...
Voted : Trusting anyone at face value
I don't define them as a mistake (mis- take) in that it is implied there exists some level of agnosia associated with a choice or action I employed, but simple ignorance, being unaware or unknowledgable of facts doesn't quantify as a mistake.

But there are times I go against my better judgement and blindly extend my faith to trusting people at face value only to rediscover what my better judgement warned me about: "People are a bitter disappointment to humanity".

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