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[+] joke ballot by vitasveritas

I drove over the road for a year and a half while still married. Never cheated. But, still, I've met a few of the gals married to some of these old boys. This doesn't fit all of them; but,it did make me crack a smile when I heard it:
(so here goes)
OTR trucker goes into a Nevada Brothel and slaps 3000 bucks down on the counter.
"I want the one ugliest, fattest whore you've got with the worst disposition possible."
The manager looks at him crosswise...
"Brother, with that kind of money I can get you three beautiful women who are just as pleasant and sweet as Apple Pie. They'll do whatever you want."
"Work with me here," the trucker replies, "I'm HOMEsick!"

Oh, yeah! That is funny!
You making fun of my wife?!
No, it's not funny in the least. I'm a trucker's wife, @$$hole!
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Submitted by : vitasveritas
Submitted on : Apr 25,2012 12:06:07 am
ballot title:

OTR Trucking Joke! You don't have to be/have been an OTR Trucker to vote on this one. Is it funny?

ballot number:140140
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Voted : Oh, yeah! That is funny!
homesick funny

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