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[+] serious ballot by Mmorina

Be HONEST, remember this is annoynmous (unless you choose to show your vote). In the wake of the Treyvon Martin, George Zimmerman trial, I've become increasingly saddened to see race pitted against race. Blacks feel the overwhelmingly majority of whites are either openly racists or closeted racists. And juding by intenet trolls, there seems to be a lot of white racists and bigots taking the net to show their colors. Now, DESPITE what either side may feel, think, or believe (WE ARE NOT HERE to discuss the trial) I am curious how many, whether you are black, white or in between feel when it comes to race.

Yes, I wouldn't refer to myself as racists, but I am racially bias.
No, I try to give all races the benefit of the doubt (I see individuals)

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Submitted by : Mmorina
Submitted on : Jul 18,2013 8:13:52 am
ballot title:

Are YOU racists?

ballot number:141096
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Race-baiters love these things. They 'forget' about the brutal torture/killing of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian. They 'forget' about the white one-year old killed 'for fun' by a group of black teens. They 'forget' about Roderick Scott for killing Christopher Cervina.
They REMEMBER the ones that serve their cause. Same is true for the media.
So, am I a racist?

@Luigi yes, you're racists and prejudice because that's not true. Not ALL people condone violence with violence, I certainly do not. But if I should take your mentality, I guess I should argue that we can't forget what the whites did to all the innocent blacks...they raped women, they tore families apart, set blacks on fire ALIVE, they lynched blacks in the street, and then lets add what they did to the chinese, what they did to the Native Americans and let's even add the mass genocide of Jews because they didn't fit the Ayran view of what being white should be. So yeah, I guess then its fair for blacks to kill a white person because look at all the racists and malicious things you all have done to the world...but that would be ignorant, and unlike you, I choose and have faith that the world chooses to judge people on an individual basis. I don't hold you to the sins of your white ancestors so don't hold me to the sins of a black person who killed someone.
@Luigi don't play like a fool. The ONLY race baiter here is you; the person arguing that racism is justifiable because you heard of a black man killing a white person. WELL GUESS WHAT!? White people have killed blacks, hispanics, indians, WHITES for CENTURIES. You're mindset is the exact chaaracteristic of a race baiter, especially one that visits sites just to spread their ignorant, one sided, bigoted views.
Cranky, please forgive me for thinking that you were back as 'Mmorina'. No way! Cranky respects facts and can even spell words correctly. Plus, Cranky, you are not stupid.
Voted : No, I try to give all races the benefit of the doubt (I see individuals)
Racist is your word not mine. It just some niggers get uppity.. Some spooks do too, to be honest :/

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