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[+] serious ballot by myirish

Let's say you met the love of your life and this person is perfect for you in every way but she's your age and you are on a quest to find a younger woman in order to compete with friends who are dating women much younger than they are. Would you walk away and use an excuse to end the relationship, decide it's better to be with love of your life no matter the age or keep looking till you find the younger woman because it's more important to have the trophy instead of true love?

Walk away using an excuse
Walk away without an explanation
Stay with your true love
Find the younger woman

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Submitted by : myirish
Submitted on : Jan 09,2015 10:59:59 am
ballot title:

Steay with the love of your life or walk away to look for the younger woman

ballot number:141387
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Voted : Stay with your true love
Sounds like a mid-life crisis. Go buy yourself a sports car instead and stay with the love of your life.

Is she REALLY your true love? Would you even think about doing this if she was?

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