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I think the idea that God loves everyone is ridiculous, especially if there is a hell because you can't love someone and then roast them forever. Some people say "God loves everyone, but he loves some more than others." This is like a store saying they only sell large cups. You can't have a large without a small to compare it with. Even if it were possible for God to love everyone and hate no one then how would he know he loves anybody? He couldn't have the same understanding of love as humans do. Most importantly he would lack the ability to properly decide who is worthy of heaven or even come up with a system for which things should be considered sins. It is obvious that whoever really wrote the bible had hated people in his life. If he hadn't had things stolen from him he wouldn't have known that it sucks to be a victim of theft or had the empathy necessary to view it as a sin. Does God love everyone?

God loves no one
God doesn't exist
no, he hates adultrers,killers,alcoholists,bush
The Little Voice In My Head loves everybody,yes..
God loves ME - NOT you...
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Submitted by : RobinGaylord
Submitted on : Jun 07,2004 3:15:56 pm
ballot title:

Does God love everyone?

ballot number:36254
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everyone has the ability to be loved by god but if you betray god and break the rules then that love can be lost!
How can God have less love for someone and more for another if he created us?
God loves everyone equally at all times unconditionally. Even liberals haha.
i think he just picks and chooses who he feels well feels like it anyway
You`re a nice person but you presume the existence of God, why? When things go right it`s because of Him, when they go wrong it`s just His way. Life isn`t that simple.
Good question, very good arguments. Of course, the whole point is that there is no such a thing as a god, neither heaven nor hell. Nobody loves us from above, none gives us rules from above. (that's a good reason to learn to love and to write good rules). It is also clear as you Robin said, that who ever wrote the Bible wasn't very fond of people. All the religions are the result of the simple deisre to put down the others-
you can't know love without first knowing hate, and you can't know hate without first knowing fear, because fear is the source of all hate. God is all powerful, so he fears nothing. therefore, God cannot truly love or hate.
nah, i'm just kidding. i have no idea what i'm talking about here.


It was like deja vu

yes he does, just has a strange way of showing it
Does God love everyone?
Yes 22
No 8
God doesn't exist 5
God loves no one 1

God is love.


So ...

Now that we have seen the absurdity and fully established the intrinsically bizarre and contradictory and meanlingless babble of Religion we can then ask ,but what did it all really mean prior to being mangled.Where did all this religion come from in the first place?
If you look at the Mandalas like , A Navajo SandPainting,Tenochtitian according to Cortes, Plan of the Ming T'ang Pi-yung in Thailand, Plan of the pagoda Yakushiji Nara , Japan, The Dogon model for a world system , Senegal ,Plan of the Temple at Borobudur, Java , The Shri Cakra yantra , The Mandalas from Tibet etc we can see that humanity was once a global unity in its understanding.In Pre-religion Reality was self evident. Its like Health , where the understanding of how the bodies own processes work to achieve Health in contrast to the disease based rubbish of the Medical Establishment was and should be self -evident to all of us but can be denied and covered over with mythology and "theory" like Pasteurs plagiarism and misrepresentation of the work of Bechamp.
The debate mode that exists in humanity is really a symptom of the strange ignorance when our heads have been messed with.

I'm going to reach way back into my memory of basic algebra - according to the commutative law of equality, if God=Love, then Love=God. So, if you believe that verse in the Bible, then you can substitute the word "Love" every time you read the word "God" in the Bible.

Doing this it would seem odd that "love" ordered the murder of the first born of Egypt, that "love" fire-bombed Sodom and Gomorrah, etc.

So, it seems that the Judeo-Christian God only loves his own people. If that's the case, then the Bible is wrong and God is not love, but does have the capacity to love. Or, the Bible is wrong and God IS love and didn't do those hateful things it says he did.

Or, perhaps we have the wrong idea about love and love can include wanton murder.

Or something.


Understanding is key to realizing how God loves everyone, and from some of the comments I have read here, understanding is what we are lacking. Yeah, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, and the death of each first born in Egypt, but do any of us fully understand why? Yes and no. God loves the sinner, not the sin itself.
God loves everybody, we are his ceations and he wants us to live the best life possible. That's why we have the good news, Jesus died on the cross.
anyone ever looked a crucifix and thought "eeuuurrrrrggh gross"?

jesus sucks.

Way to go Jakesnake 5!

God loves everybody. Too often people see bad things happen and say that God doesn't love us. A good example is when AMSearch said that God fire-bombed Sodom and Gomorrah. The previous statement by dignifiedlove is correct. We lack understanding. What kind of place was Soddom and Gommorrah? They were people who hated God, rampant homosexuality, and they tried to rape some male angels. God loves every person, he just doesn't like our sin.

Here is the best way i can describe it.
Sometimes things happen because what we do. Even though our parents love us, we get punished for what we do. It's the same with God. Getting punished does not rule out love.
It is similar to a spanking (crude example). When you got spanked, it's not because your parents didn't love you. They do love you, but wants to correct your offense.
Again God loves us all.
I believe that all things both good and bad work together for Good. Example, if you never got sick, how could you ever know that God is a healer?

Here is good example of how a bad thing turned out for good. My mother was on drugs when I was little. This was a bad thing. Yet now that I'm older, I can help a lot of people with similar situations. I can let them know that they can still make it in life despite their situation. That happening to me has opened the door for me to help a lot of people. That's just one example of how God ALLOWED something bad to happen so that I can be a stronger person. God can use that situation to give hope to the hopeless. God still loves me, and he's using me to show how much he loves them even though things may look bad. He loved me so much that he even died for me before I became a christian.

There may be people on this site that are hurting from situations that they are going through. Some of you may have cried a thousand tears. But there is still a God that loves you and will see you through. You may not understand why things are the way they are, but he will see you through. And when you get through, help others. If nobody helped you, I can help you. If the only thing I do is be a listening ear, then so be it, but know that God ALWAYS WILL LOVE YOU.
Lets not forget that God drowned everyone in the world except Noah because he was pissed at them one time!
Voted : Yes.
He loves everyone, even though some of them are so rude to him. We're all his children and he loves his kids. It's like you and your kids.

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