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[+] ballot by Gizzmo

I mean, hello! If they are so for this war and beleive it's so necesarry, and don't care about what is important in the long run (our rights,GODAMMIT!), and based their candidate choice on this war, do think they should be the only ones fighting it?! Besides, what use is it to people that don't support the war be forced to risk their life for something they don't even beleive in? If these republicans are so "strong" and "staunch", they should fight their own battles.

Its All Volunteer, So it doesn't matter
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Submitted by : Gizzmo
Submitted on : Nov 06,2004 4:20:14 pm
ballot title:

DEMOCRAT VOTERS:Do you think that the only people that should fight in the current war be the people that voted for Bush this election?

ballot number:57600
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Should only democrats be taxed to pay for welfare and social security increases?
I don't speak for Democrats, but I'm sure the majority of Democrats would rather support social programs than pay for bombs, bullets and grenades.
So how about your taxes go to pay for the war machine instead of theirs?
by zig [+]

Zig: republican taxes go to pay for the democrats' social engineering projects AND national defense in far larger portions than the dems. Republicans are stuck with the bill for both, and make up the vast majority of the men fighting for this country. Perhaps it's time the democrats took up a little larger share of the burden. Either send more young men to the front, or pay for your own social projects.
republican taxes go to pay for the democrats' social engineering projects AND national defense in far larger portions than the dems. - herzog.

Interesting. Can you give me some tax statistics with a breakdown of demographics and party affiliation?
by zig [+]

If this is how we see the the republican - democrat system.then should the next step be for the democrats to be deported from the country. Plain stupid! Patriotism isn't for just when your side is in power.
Zig: the wealthy and upper middle class pays most of the taxes. The wealthy and upper middle class are mostly republicans. The poor and lower classes are mostly democrats and pay relatively few taxes. Is it that much of a stretch to say that republicans are paying more than average in taxes? No. And is it then a stretch to say that those taxes are being used to fund both republican and democrat approved projects?
What a completely convoluted and lame premise. I think that you should accept defeat gracefully.

And AGAIN the military does not want you. They are not going to draft lefty crybaby girls who can't do the job anyways.

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