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[+] joke ballot by _Beelzebubba

People with large lips (on their mouth).

Whose face looks like the back of a baboon in heat?

Mick Jagger
LL Cool J
Steven Tyler
Angelina Jolie
Hunter Tylo
Meg Ryan
Melanie Griffith
Courtney Love
Leslie Ash
Jackie Stallone
Lionel Ritchie
Adele Givens
LeVar Burton
Barbara Hershey
Geena Davis
Bob Barr
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Submitted by : _Beelzebubba
Submitted on : Jun 02,2005 9:08:09 am
ballot title:

Dag, them's some big-ass lips!

ballot number:74501
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There was an old joke out on just the subject of the person with the biggest lips in rock 'n' roll. The obvious reply would be Jagger, but the joke is Ritchie, along with the insinuation that the man could give you a kiss while standing around a corner from you. And, just to dispel any thoughts of racism, the comedian who told the joke was Black.
Adele Givens (on Def Comedy Jam)

"Now look at this guy wearing about a size 4.. can you imagine me trying to give him a blowjob?! It wouldn't work.. MY big ass lips, HIS little ass feet..
It would be like trying to give a whale a tic-tac!!"

not their mouth - lol - what were you thinking?!? xexe

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