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[+] ballot by lowerclassbrats

No way to know the answer for certain, but I'd be interested to hear others thoughts on this one.

Yes, more women leaders = less violence
No, violence levels would remain status quo
There would be a nuclear war once a month
no not at all
On todays news: PMS caused nuke exchange, tonight at 10
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Submitted by : lowerclassbrats
Submitted on : Jul 17,2005 10:46:47 pm
ballot title:

If more nations were headed by women would the world be a more peaceful place?

ballot number:77580
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Great question, brats! Judging from my experience of women generally, is that many (not all) often try to model the "tough macho boss" in their management style. Perhaps it is that this is the supervisory style that they have been exposed to and think that replicating it will help ensure their success. Don't know. Have noticed it. This, however, doesn't speak directly to your question, does it? Hmmmm. Would female leadership make the world a more peaceful place? Hmmmm. Might. Consider that women seem to be more, hmmmm, more nurturing, more...well, at the risk of bringing down the libbers, more nest building, protective of the species...So, I'd hazard a general guess that female leadership might make the world a more peaceful place. And we may get to find out fairly soon.
Women are more evil than men. They just don't act like it.
^LOL, Rightwing. Does this reflect your personal experience of women, or are you generalizing? #:>)
The Prime Minister of England would call the President of the U.S. a "cheap hussie" and all hell would break loose. Or two women would show up at the UN in the same outfit and BOOM!

The Amazons werent very peaceful.
Men have ruled for a long long time. In many many cultures. Our track record is prove that women couldn't do no worse in some cases.
the women that have ruled have often been more warlike than males ... Elizabeth the first, Catherine the Great, Mary queen of the Scots, Victoria, All of these either killed and persecuted for religion or tried to build empires comparison there are less male rulers that have been warmongers.
per capita
there have been many male rulers ... a percentage of them have been warmongers .... far less female rulers ... and the majority have had wars in their name... sorry
Sorry, your calculations are off. For every battle-axe queen you've mentioned, there have been literally dozens of peaceful women leaders throughout history.

Don't make me list them! ;)
by zig [+]

Mary Queen of Scots wasn't a warrior queen, either. She was a staunch Catholic, but did not advocate violence. The Babington Plot was attributed - wrongly - to her, but she was beheaded anyway, by order of her cousin Elizabeth I of England.
by zig [+]

But Catherine the Great, Elizabeth I, Mary Tudor, (her older sister) and Victoria were all psychos, I'll grant ya. :)
by zig [+]

as are most world leaders .... lol.. Do I need to remind you of maggie thatcher.. and the Falklands ... 5 billion pounds and many lives lost on a rock next to Argentina ... with a few sheep on it ... if she had given each brit there 2 million they would have left in a flash ... but she actively wanted a war
actually most rulers approve of potential wars to show how 'in touch' they are with opinion ... its the opinion (media/ statecraft) that is juggled but female rulers are just as prone to agreeing with bloodshed .. as long as it isnt their own.
No argument from me re: Thatcher. She was like Boudicca on PCP. :)

But I'd disagree with you as to the majority of women rulers. Most were fair leaders and their reigns/tenures were peaceful, except when they were overthrown by invading marauders.
by zig [+]

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