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[+] ballot by FiddleFaddleOnLSD

From any sport. Name or vote for your favorite.

Muhammed Ali
Jesse Owens
Jim Thorpe
Babe Ruth
Lance Armstrong
Michael Jordan
Wilt Chamberlain
Carl Lewis
David Beckham
Wayne Gretsky
Lou Gehrig
Greg Louganis
Martina Navratilova
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Mark Spitz
Al Oerter
Gordie Howe
Mario Lemieux
Chris Evert
Babe Didrikson Zaharias
Nancy Lopez
Joe Louis
Sugar Ray Robinson
Pete Sampras
Bjorn Borg
Jim Brown
Red Grange
Joe Montana
Bill Russell
Walter Payton
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Magic Johnson
Larry Bird
Oscar Robertson
Hank Aaron
Willie Mays
Ted Williams
Jerry Rice
Nadia Comaneci
Ronnie Lott
Steven Redgrave
Ken Norton Jr.
Franz Klammer
Kurt Browning
Pete Rose
Sonja Henie
Wilma Rudolph
Olga Korbet
Billie Jean King
Mia Hamm
Ian Thorpe
Pieter van den Hoogenband
Michael Phelps
Sandy Koufax
Aleksei Nemov
Sir Roger Bannister
michael moore
Boe Jackson
George Best
Bruce Jenner
Allen Ogg Columbus Horizon
Chicago White Sox
Terry Fox
Geo. W. BUSH
Mugsy Bogues
Anna Kournikova!
kobe bryant
jappy von hooterburg
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Submitted by : FiddleFaddleOnLSD
Submitted on : Oct 24,2005 10:45:40 pm
ballot title:

Who was/is the greatest athlete of all time?

ballot number:83082
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Great choices to start.

I am saying Jerry Rice. And until he started losing play time one of the most classiest.

Armstrong is a strong case though. I mean all that cancer and still becoming an incredible legend in such a grueling sport!!!

I am changing my vote to Lance. Because of the above and also he really pissed the frogs off.

A two-fer.

Sonja Henie overcame polio and went on the win the 100, 200, 4x100 meters in the Olympics.
^I meant Wilma Rudolph^
But did she simultaneously piss the French off?
By far Michael Jordan.
There was this girl I saw once at a donkey show in Tijuana... _Beelzebubba_jackass

Perhaps I've said too much. redface

Talk about apples and oranges...Hard to identify one "best" athlete of all time. Have to be a multiple skills/achievement athlete...Maybe Bruce Jenner. Not a popular choice, I'm sure, but lots of skills...and decathletes are arguably the most gifted of all.

Tough one, though. All of the choices here have some merit, except for Barry Bonds. He may be the best "chemically gifted" athlete of all time.

I choose the Detroit Pistons starting five
because they rock my socks
Voted : Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong - The greatest athlete of all time (speed, power, endurance, cancer crusher, 7 time Tour de France winner, enough said).
Voted : Wayne Gretsky
wayne gretZky

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