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In 2003, RAND-MIPT did a piece of research on global terrorism. A part of that piece included the top 10 most active terrorist groups in the world. Of the top 10 most active terrorist groups, how many were Islamic?


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Submitted by : habeas_corpus
Submitted on : Jun 10,2006 7:57:38 pm
ballot title:

QUIZ: Of the top 10 most active terrorist groups in the world, how many are Islamic?

ballot number:95631
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damn i underestimated by one.
Who are the other 6? And what rankings? :D
Of the 312 terrorist attacks that took place in 2003 (latest research), 111 were Islamist related.
ACtually it's 13. 3 Groups tied with 3 others. Here are the ranks:

1. Hamas with 59 attacks
2. Revolutionary armed forces of Columbia with 54
3. Communist Party of Nepal tied with People's war group with 34 attacks
4. The Taliban with 22 attacks
5. Al-Fatah with 19
6. National Liberation Front Of Corsica with 18
7. Basque Fatherland and Liberty with 16
8. National Liberation Front of Tripura with 14
9. Al-Qaeda tied with Earth Liberation Front with 11
10. National Liberation Army of Columbia tied with United Self Defense group of Columbia with 11 attacks

^ odd that when you think about it. those figures havent changed for years. So there isnt a sudden multiplication of islamic terrorists? You know like the mysteriously multiplying commies?

You know thw japanese quote "we woke a sleeping giant" after the war. They weren't talking about america. they were talking about the atom bomb.

Lock your doors tonight america. the viet kong are coming south from canada. They already have nukes. They made tiny little eastern ones that they can put in their sandwich boxes.


odd to see basque up there. if im not mistaken thats portugal. Portugal being a 2 hr plane ride from England. But then thats how terrorism is seen in Europe. It's unfortunate but life goes on. Fightin terrorism just makes things worse. The last thing a terrorist organisation needs is martyrs. For every "terrorist" you kill. 10 step up to fill the gap. It should be obvious to even an idiot.

But alas idiots are just harmless. It's the arrogant stuborn stupid idiots that worry me.

2005 Data
1. Al Qaedea
2. Hammas
3. Taliban
4. Communist Party of Nepal
5. Communist Party of India
6. Liberation Tigers of Tamil
7. Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia
8. Palestinian Islamic Jihad
9. Ansar al-Sunnah Army
10. al-Fatah

That would make 6 for 2005.

Total attacks of the top 10 - 907

2/3 of that total that are from Islamic groups.

Do you have the specific numbers Fiddle. I don't recall any Hamas attacks in the past 2 years so that's why I ask.
2005 Data
1. Al Qaedea 190
2. Hammas 183
3. Taliban 100
4. Communist Party of Nepal 93
5. Communist Party of India 90
6. Liberation Tigers of Tamil 62
7. Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia 61
8. Palestinian Islamic Jihad 53
9. Ansar al-Sunnah Army 42
10. al-Fatah 33

The total doesn't include those unattributed to a specific group. I'll check the database.

Regions most active
Incidents: 2336
Injuries: 9399
Fatalities: 6234
Incidents: 479
Injuries: 302
Fatalities: 74
Incidents: 163
Injuries: 398
Fatalities: 160
Incidents: 207
Injuries: 328
Fatalities: 298
INDIA (including Kashmir)
Incidents: 272
Injuries: 1,051
Fatalities: 398
Incidents: 100
Injuries: 104
Fatalities: 33
Incidents: 359
Injuries: 584
Fatalities: 148
RUSSIA (including Chechnya)
Incidents: 102
Injuries: 113
Fatalities: 51
Incidents: 101
Injuries: 208
Fatalities: 112

Well when you include the Iraq war what do you expect?

My figures from '03 were probably taken prior to the Iraq invasion.

2005 Top Ten most deadly attacks
1. al-Qaeda - suicide bombing Iraq 125 fatalities
2. al-Qaeda - suicide bombing Iraq 102 fatalities
3. al-Qaeda - suicide bombing Iraq 98 fatalities
4. al-Qaeda - suicdie bombing Iraq 88 fatalities
5. Unknown group - suicide bombing Iraq 72 fatalities
6. al-Qaeda - suicide bombing Amman Jordan 63 fatalities
7. Ansar al-Sunnah Army - suicide bombing Iraq 60 fatalities
8. Abu Hafs Al-Masri Brigade and Secret Organization of al-Qaeda in Europe suicide bombing London, England 56 fatalities
9. Soldiers of the Prophet's Companions - suicide bombing Iraq 53 fatalities
10. al-Qaeda - suicide bombing Iraq 52 fatalities

Good thing we got that shitstain on the world al-Zarqawi.

I have a question. What were the 183 Hamas attacks in 2005? I recall that they had a peace treaty with Israel and that both sides honored the peace treaty until last Thursday.
Terrorism really tripled itself since 2003. I wonder what even in 2003 could have sparked this increase in terrorism. . .

...what event could've sparked...

You cant include the iraq figures thats just idiotic.

Actually you can. But I'm puzzled at why the 100,000 dead civilians in Iraq aren't counted in as terrorist attacks. Oh wait, Bush "apologized" for it so that makes it all better. As long as the military SAYS they didn't mean it, then that makes it 100% a okay.
I wonder if the same would apply if Al-Qaeda announced that it was aiming at *suspected* military positions during its attacks.
The Basques want independence from Spain, not Portugal.

Just a wee correction.

Well lets put that into perspective shall we HC? The biggest killer of innocent civilians that claims to be on the "good" side is AMERICA. I see. So it's My perception thats at fault here. Thats an ok figure if its for good. gee I certainly learned something today. Even if your country is killing people for a lie its ok because I am on the good side.

Who sees these people dying? These countless families. In a war against what? Saddam? He's not there.

What the hell is the difference between getting blown up by a terrorist or getting blown up by freedom?

I stand corrected SH, there is a terrorist movement there tho. i guess im getting the names confused. perhaps thats why i was a little shocked by the figures :D
Probably a very low number because there are so many non-islamic nationalist and separatist groups all over the world eg. in South America and Asia, that are classed as terrorist groups.
I was close I guess.
I can give you the whole list of Hammas attacks, location, date, etc. Is that what you want?

It's not important. I just thought that 180+ was overexaggurated considering the peace treaty. I mean, why would they call it off now since they've supposedly broken it after the first of 180 attacks?
Looks like fiddle won this, hands down.
note how they take up the top three... and al-qaeda are probably 10 times more of a threat than the other 9 put together
"Active" is an erroneous deceptive term. Spray- painting graffiti on the side of a building is being active, or handing out literature and propaganda is being active. However, there have been more than 7,000 deadly Islamic terrorist attacks in the world only since 9/11.

Your silly "2003" poll results don't cover all terrorist groups and their attacks since WWII. Why? How about total number of, bombings, hijackings, suicide attacks, murders due to organized terror groups? Your ballot may fool the gullible and uninformed. The story and figures fooled you too.

Com'on people. Use common sense. Search the internet for yourself. Islamic terroism has been a daily news reported occurance around the world for the last five decades. No non-Islamic organized terror group comes close. Like I said, do the research.

Habeas Corpus, you are Muslim. Hardly can you not speak about Islam without bias. You know where you can stick this phony ballot?

100,000 dead in iraq? you are full of crap, that's an unsubstantiated load of bulk!
Voted : 5
I'll hazard a guess that the other 5 are Christian...
100,000 in Iraq does seem high...I was told it's closer to 5,000...

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