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As of now, the number of people killed on the Hamas side has risen to over 800. These 800 people consist of 300 militants, 150 policemen, 400 civilians (including 260 children), and several unknown. Over 3500 on the Hamas side have also been wounded. Is that number justified when the number of civilian deaths outweigh the number of Rockets fired into Israel during the month of December(when the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas was broken)? Or when the total 800 Palestinians killed outnumbers the number of rockets fired into Israel "in the last six months" by 2 to 1?

Israeli troops also detained over 100 Palestinian civilians into one residential home without water or food. The next day the Israeli military shelled the property killing around a third of the civilian detainees, and denied Red Cross workers permission to respond to the area for another 24 hours, the injured did reach a local hospital, but it was too late for three more children who died only hours after arriving. Four more children, who lost their parents in the attack and left to fend for themselves, were refused help by the same Israeli soldiers who had killed their parents. These events have been confirmed by the U.N.

Are these just casualties of war, or is Israel fighting dirty?

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This BALLOT CHOICE created by : Mr_Spleen
Submitted on : Jan 09,2009 6:06:32 pm

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