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Good Morning LCD,

I am glad I found this E-mail on Rebecca's Email. I am Rebecca's Husband, Dennis. On January 5, 2012 at 9:35 p.m. Rebecca died. The problem was Rebecca had massive blood clots in her legs that traveled to her lungs. We tried to address our concerns when she was in Rehab, but no one would listen. When we went to Nevada Cancer Institute for her physical in order to start a new cycle of chemo, they noticed her legs. They sent her for an ultrasound and found the clots. That was December 14, and she never returned home again. She went into the hospital. They consulted with the neurosurgeons about giving her blood thinners and finally decided to do it. After three days it looked like things were OK, but then the brain started bleeding. There were two main bleeds and finally a deep brain bleed that killed her. She suffered so much those last two weeks. I wanted to notified everyone on B&W because she loved that site and all the people on it. Her services are going to be this week. We were only married 2 months even though we knew each other 38 years.


Goodbye Rebecca
We won't forget you
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We won't forget you

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We won't forget you

This BALLOT CHOICE created by : LCD
Submitted on : Jan 14,2012 3:08:51 pm

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