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[+] serious ballot by vitasveritas

There was a song back in the day by an artist named Mason Dave... a song about separation and differences of opinion... "There ain't no good guys, there ain't no bad guys, there's only you and I and we just disagree." Call me an idealist, a dreamer, but I pine for a world where everyone can have that attitude... lol... can't we all just get along? Like grandma always said, "birds of a feather" Is it possible to have strongly oppositional views with someone, and still recognize them as your "friend?" some hypothetical scenarios: a devout born-again christian befriended to a planned parenthood volunteer or gay rights activist? or (excuse the labels) a bleeding liberal befriending someone who thinks Michael Savage and/or Rush Limbaugh speak words of gold?

No, these types can never be friends.
Yes, and I have examples.
Only on the internet at places like
Friends; but, not CLOSE friends.
The Best of Friends; because THEY have the type of Friendship that...
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This BALLOT CHOICE created by : vitasveritas
Submitted on : Apr 17,2012 3:57:57 pm

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