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ballot no 2819

[+] ballot by Mr_Goldshine

Let's talk about ASS. I want to know what kinda ass is popular these days.
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LCD : on Oct 06, 2014 because Michelle Obama is a nigger.

Bubble Butt
Fat ass
Flat ass
white ass
black ass
Hairy ass
Taned ass with bikkini lines!
Tattooed Ass
Jiggly ass
Smooth ass
bruised ass
pink ass
sweaty ass
pink ass
bruised ass
Smooth ass
Jiggly ass
Stinky ass
smooth with a little bit of peach fuzz
Oiled up Ass
A White Ass!
A big,Puerto-Rican one--like J.Lo's
Narrow with a bubble
Tight, big and small while yet soft at the same
big ass juicy ass
I like big butts
round like a ball and soft like cotton
the kind that can take a very big cock
Back That Ass Up Ho!
vida guerra
Vida Guerra's ass
W I D E ass
This is a sexist poll. Shame on all of you.
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Love Hewitts Ass Is As Flat As A Pancake!
your moms ass
Any chick's ass that has my big dick in it
one with my cock inside it
tight, muscular ass
As long as it's not a cellulite ass..
cute little tight ass
man ass
Jessica Alba ass
C.Aguilera's ass
An ass with panites stuffed in it.
Heart Shaped
a tiny fat ass whit spots and stripes
round, smooth with a little pink puckered rosebud.
vida guerra ass
horse ass
ass with a big red pimple on it(says u are here)
Drew Carreys
one thats in my bed
one that shits properly
Jizz on yo ass
tight, firm & muscular
smooth and white
I dont care as long as female
andy dicks ass
white womens ass or kylie minogues ass
Triple-buttocked ass
Sylvia's ass from homelands school...
Any Canadian's ass- Americans are fat and obese
I don't like women
A Mans Ass
spanked up ass
wet ass
Brazilian "butt lift" ass
why would women want to carry a donkey (aka ass) ?

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cute little tight ass

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