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best : relationship :
[+] ballot by CouchGnome

Some of them are so soft spoken and treat their man real good, unlike ultra shallow materialistic frigid white girls. your thoughts?
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pussy is pussy unless it smells bad
I hear tell that their cunts are slanted
Buck-toothed Asian chicks better? Are you high?
Yeah, great personality and not as slutty.
Absolutely not. White girls are the best.
hot but no personality
no, only white americans think so!
white girls give bad head
any girl has better character thanleftist feminazi
any race but BLACK
dont tink about it. date your white girls.
im a pure asian and i dont have bad breath!!
They're less hairy for sure...
they make better domestic servants
Some are REAL hot!
asianswould look better if they had nosebones
You're all moronic dribbling mouth-breathers
no-chinese are shit eaters
Asian Chicks Rule!
obviously.asian american girls are the bomb
white girls are more popular
Chinese girls are the best asian you can get
both are cute being american makes them dumb
Thais and Cambodians are the best
Couchgnome is a bitch with an inferiority complex.
White girls smell like wet dogs
mexican chics give good head
mexican chics give the best head
Sucky Sucky? Five dollah?
white american chiks's have the nicest arse's
asian girls are goddesses
Asian with my stick up her ass
i pity you all
latino women are the sexiest
oohh sucky sucky my love you long time $5 dollar
Oh, you too beaucoup!
Asian pussies smell like rotten fish
whites, asians have no good ass's to do
like my cars, i buy american
some of the most ignorant shit on this poll
Only if they're Japanese
i'd like to put my COCK in an ASIAN
Bang Asians chicks with COCK in there tight Pussys
Hotter yes, personalities no
Hotter, yes. Better personalities, not always.
it depends
Just those who knows the martial arts are hotter.

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This BALLOT CHOICE created by : CouchGnome
Submitted on : Dec 31,1969 7:00:00 pm

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