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[+] ballot by Shitstreek

Black peoples DNA is closer to monkeys than white or asian DNA. Does this make Black people less human than white/asian people?

Take the question as you wish, but I don't mean to sound insulting or racist.
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LCD : on Oct 06, 2014 because Yes it is. Trayvon Martin is a nigger.

YES they are less human
NO, but they are equally human
White men are hairy = closer to monkeys
monkeys are four times stronger than man, world strongest man is white = closer to monkeys dude
If they say that white/asian people evolved from black people, then they are more evolved, so yes
Black women are so fine with their nice a$$es, and big breasts, lovely lips, they are more human.
Look at science, they always have a picture of a monkey evolving into a white man!....tis true dude
Black men are tree monkeys, white men are cave monkeys, orientals are aliens
God created man in his own image, 1st man was black, god is blak, so you're just insulted god dude
I believe that one day, white, asian, & black people will become one. and create Tiger Woods ppl

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White men are hairy = closer to monkeys

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White men are hairy = closer to monkeys

This BALLOT CHOICE created by : Shitstreek
Submitted on : Dec 31,1969 7:00:00 pm

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