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When the urge strikes, no place is safe. Thar She Blows!

Movie Theatre
At Work
Gas Station
Amusement Park Ride
Doctor's Office
On my food at IHOP
on my bf after i choked on his dick
Raelien cult convention at a quebec campground
in a BK cup in my bosses truck
Limo in Central Park surrounded by family.
on Michael Jackson's ugly face
Orlando Bloom
on a air-hostess
In the deep fryer at McDonald's
On the Prime Minister of Japan
in a classroom at school
My sister-in-laws lap
Drivers ed class
Boot Camp
in bed
On the ceiling
in a fishtank
In a bucket. It was hysterical.
Out my Psycology classroom when I was in college
In a taxi cab
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Raelien cult convention at a quebec campground

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Raelien cult convention at a quebec campground

This BALLOT CHOICE created by : hollyfona
Submitted on : Dec 31,1969 7:00:00 pm

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