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I never buy Scout Cookies. I just make a donation to the Troop. The Troop only gets to keep 50 cents for each box sold. That means they have to sell 40 boxes of cookies at $3.00 apiece just to make $20.00. The other $2.50 goes to the Girl Scout Organization. Christ what does the organization DO that it needs so much money? 90 Percent of the girls activities are done at the Troup level. That's where the money should go. That's why I make A donation. That way 100% of the money goes to the Troup. The fat asses at the top a nickel of it. The Girl Scouts is just another scam where a small group of people have High Salary do nothing jobs paid for by exploiting children and thed public.

Not Sure
they are disgusting and taste like wax
they are but they taste so good
mmmmm, thin mints
these choices are disturbing
Im a girl scout and it is a rip off!
GS troops really need the monetary support from co
No! Is for a good cause, that's what matters!
only if they rub them on thier assholes first
Thin mints make a good Pap Smear
Girl Scout cookies made with REAL Girl Scouts!
The Girl Scouts need to defect to the Indian Princesses group instead.
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GS troops really need the monetary support from co

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