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I know you came for the original 'Who has the GREATEST SINGING VOICE?' ballot. This one is made just to make you think before you act. There's no need to vote again and again for tom jons or whatever. That ballot is always in home page and we are sick of it. Give us a break, don't vote anthing in it. There are a lot of original ballot around here that desere your attention. Thank you

Yes, I repent! I repent!
No, Holy shit, let me vote Regine Velasquez!!
Regine Velasquez
I can't resist! Help Me!
I.Am.A.Robot. I.Have.To.Vote
I don't understand
Tomm Jonez
Stuart from MADtv
I need medical treatment
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I can't resist! Help Me!

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I can't resist! Help Me!

This BALLOT CHOICE created by : Buzzer
Submitted on : Dec 31,1969 7:00:00 pm

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