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Why does the hate continue after all that has been accomplished in the past/present to eliminate and/or lessen it? Who/what is the face of hate and racial insensitivity and when will it end?

The face of hate can be any of us.
It will never end as long as human beings are in control of it.
Some people don't like themselves and take it out on others.
Haters are ignorant and illogical in their thinking.
Who cares, we all get what we put out into the world, especially haters.
hate is fun
99% of the world hates the black race.
hate is a natural human response
Some people have been brainwashed
whatever you crazy cracker
Just because!!!!
Quite being so sensitive, and quite being a puss
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hate is fun

This BALLOT CHOICE created by : zorra
Submitted on : Dec 31,1969 7:00:00 pm

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