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(CBS/AP) At least three bombs exploded near a U.S. convoy in western Baghdad on Thursday, killing at least 37 people and wounding more than 50, officials said. Hours earlier, a suicide car bombing killed a U.S. soldier and two Iraqis on the capital's outskirts.

It was not known how many of the dead in the Baghdad attack were soldiers and how many were civilians. A U.S. helicopter evacuated some of the wounded while other aircraft circled overhead, an Associated Press photographer reported from the scene. U.S. forces sealed off the area.

Interior Ministry spokesman Col. Adnan Abdul-Rahman said two car bombs and a roadside bomb exploded in swift succession as the convoy was passing. The attack happened around 1 p.m. in the al-Amel neighborhood, said Lt. Col. Jim Hutton, spokesman for the U.S. 1st Cavalry Division.

Certain people on this site have been pretending for at least a year that things are getting better or will be getting better soon. It is quite clear that things in Iraq are dire. It has a government full of CIA puppets, a destroyed infrastructure that is ready to be replaced by American corporations and a traumatised and terrorised public that hate America even more than before. What is it that these people that defend Bush's strategy out there know that enables them to predict happy times ahead for the Iraqis? Or are they just liars, making any old excuse?

They are indulging in wishful thinking.
They just agree with Bush whatever bullshit he comes out with.
They can see into the future.
They are uneducated fools.
They are disseminating propaganda.
They believe that the best way to fight Al-Quaeda is by killing 12,000 Iraqi civilians.
see "germany post WWII" for reeducation please
Misguided view of Patriotism
Believing in fairy tales helps them sleep better
they are suffering from delusions
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they are suffering from delusions

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they are suffering from delusions

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