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I'm not referring to how much time you spend on these sites; I'm talking about things you have learned from them.

Here are some things I've discovered. I like a good debate, something I didn't fully realize before. I've developed and honed my sense of humor, which has made a real difference in my marriage - my husband is a riot, very sarcastic and a big brainstormer - and I didn't always appreciate that aspect of him before. I've learned that I enjoy talking to people who don't share my politics - further, that these people are often often have a lot in common with me if they open up. This place has increased my curiosity about everything, and has helped my writing skills. It has given me a sense of belonging to a community, which has always been lacking in my life because I work alone. I've discovered that many people have a core of decency, and that you miss out if you make snap judgments. I am also excited by's forums for creative writing, and I look forward to developing my skills in that area. These are just a few things.

So, how has these web sites changed you?

It has changed me (describe below).
It hasn't changed me much.
I keep trying to give my boss bad karma...
Takes attention away from school and girlfriend :(
Amusing way to kill time
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Takes attention away from school and girlfriend :(

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Takes attention away from school and girlfriend :(

This BALLOT CHOICE created by : TheDoof
Submitted on : Dec 31,1969 7:00:00 pm

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