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I've noticed this new trend recently. Whenever someone should say 'white power' they instantaneously get a racist label and that's ok with me 'cause in a way it is; KKK used it as a taunt.

But what isn't ok is that when ever someone says Black power (whether it's to be racist or not) they're labeled heros fighting for a good cause in an attempt to fight off the white man's opression, etc...

Political Correctness
Not sure
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because it be racimicist
Because were over-politically correct
Because white people are 'haters' or something
Underdog Shit
because of intimidation and not admitting that saying Black Power is truly racism
because you're a whiny bitch and need to stop complaining about the double standard.
Say Asian Power, Hispanic Power, Caucasian, or Jewish Power instead.
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This BALLOT CHOICE created by : Kaiser
Submitted on : Jun 05,2005 2:04:32 pm

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