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[+] joke ballot by CletuSlackedJawYokel

You thought you were just the man in the squawk box. You challenge one of Cathexis' assertions and it gets heated. You, sitting with a smug look on your face and thinking you're gonna win, start really ripping into him. Suddenly, Cathexis launches a furious counter-attack with some GIGANTIC words that you have never even dreamed possible. They're about 15 other users there, so he is about to REALLY EMBARRASS you. You have no idea what he is saying and really are out-witted at this point. What do you do Einstein??

leave, come back after he leaves, say you got disconnected
leave, come back later, say you had a heart-attack
leave the site forever
guess at what he's sayin, counter it, maybe I guessed right?
beg for mercy
log in under an alias, double browse, try to confuse him
sit there and get my verbal ASS kicking
dictionary dot com
Say: Hahaha!!!
Keep saying "I know you are, but what am I?" over
WHOA, What Now?? Make a boring ballot baby!!
^I know you are but what am I
his loquaciousness leaves me nonplussed
Laugh when they are reduced to "long words"
Chuckle as they arereduced to "long words"
Remind him that size isn't everything
Point out that Grandiloquence hates Freedom
Change subject: Ask what the ladies are wearing
Bribe B&W ladies to distract with flirtation
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