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I was having a conversation with a friend of mine (white) and we were talking about attractive races when I asked him if he would find a certain someone attractive if they were black he said no, never. I've never actually heard a white man acknowledge a black woman as 'hott' but they have no problem with white women. IS there a reason to this?

I know some black women personally don't take care of themselves as much as some white women (i.e)hours on make-up. Is that the reason? I also find it strange at the same time I see so many white women flocking to black men...

Black women have big noses and faces.
They're just not as hot as white women.
Black women just scare me
Black women are too 'ghetto'
I can't relate to a black women.
Black wemon have huge thighs and butts.
They have horrible style.
They don't know how to present themselves in public.
Big lips, nappy hair.
Their manners.

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Black women have big noses and faces.

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