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[+] ballot by oh_what_a_relief

Checking out some old ballots I was surprised to see that so many people dislike The French.

Like any country, they have some not so nice people, but show me a nation that doesnt .

I personally never had problems , in fact I think they are very nice.

SO what is it that causes some people to dislike them?

I know people talk about not like certain governments, but this seems to go beyond that to the people of France, maybe I'm misunderstanding, I actually hope I am.

I don't know
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They are rude and snobby. And they don't shave or wear deodorant.
I like the French!
The French told Bush to stuff it
They're Losers, never won a war or battle
They suck at war, almost as arrogant as Americans, they smoke to much and are rude
political scapegoating, mostly, and a bit of jealousy
They're articulate and diplomatic, and think for themselves.
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The French told Bush to stuff it

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The French told Bush to stuff it

This BALLOT CHOICE created by : cranky
Submitted on : Jun 18,2006 9:06:48 pm

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