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[+] ballot by thesoothsayer

I just finished reading a news blurb about the models not allowed to participate in the fashion show in Spain because they were too thin...and I wonder how many men like their women with the malnourished look...

I like bony women
I like skinny women
I like well-fed women
I like chubby women
I like fat women
I like "Amazons"
I don't "Like" women
I like all kinds of women
I like my bone in women
Boney women are not my "cup of tea."
I like to bone women
I like really musclar women
i like skinny muscular
I am a chubby chaser
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I like well-fed women

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I like well-fed women

This BALLOT CHOICE created by : thesoothsayer
Submitted on : Sep 12,2006 1:45:27 pm

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